Bird Watching at Reserva Natural La Pedregoza

One exciting aspect of a visit to the Orinoco River basin, called the Orinoquia in Spanish, is the amazing variety and abundance of bird life. The Reserva Natural La Pedregoza is located in the midst of that diversity, and has proven itself to be an excellent bird watching location. Colombia is already an eco-tourism paradise, hosting an estimated 8 per cent of the planet's biodiversity. In bird talk that means that some 98 per cent of nearctic migratory birds are said to touch down or winter in Colombia. Some birds you can see in July in the US or Canada are happily hanging out in January in our natural reserve. We offer comfortable eco-tourism facilities at La Pedregoza, with a large variety of trails, kayak trips and more for the dedicated bird watcher.

Special People



Special thanks go to several professional bird watchers who helped with this site: First are 2 ornithologists, David Bradley, Ph.D., of Canada, and Sandra Valderrama, Ph.D., of Colombia, who spent 10 days identifying, photographing and recording birds inside the natural reserve in January, 2013. Jennifer del Rio, a licensed biologist, provided many photos. Richard Johnston and Diana Lucia Eusse of Calidris collected data at La Pedregoza during the rainy season in July 2012.


Eco-Tourism Lodge

Our new eco-lodge is now open, featuring 4 comfortable double-occupancy rooms. Meals are served in our afforestation center at La Pedregoza. This makes it possible for dedicated bird watchers to enjoy their bird watching stay without worrying about beds, bathrooms or meals. In addition, the Reserva Natural La Pedregoza offers 4 distinct eco-systems, so there are a variety of activities and things to see and do for visitors, who may have a variety of interests.


Support Conservation

At Reserva Natural La Pedregoza we have a program for planting native tree species. Bird watchers help contribute to our tree planting and conservation activities by making them financially sustainable. Our non-profit NGO works hard to conserve the amazing biodiversity of the Orinoco River basin. Your visit helps local flora and fauna, and allows you to have an adventure in an area unkown to most people. Make your bird watching vacation a meaningful experience.